Events for June 24-30th

This Weeks Scavenger Hunt Assignment:

Find a surprising flower visitor, whether it is a moth, fly, wasp, ant, or beetle.  Snap a photo, tag it with #pollinateCO, and post it to our Facebook page at Colorado Pollinator Month to enter to win this week’s prize.

This week’s prize is a craft basket assembled by the CU Museum of Natural History.


This Week’s Reading: Yucca Moths Know


Places to find obscure pollinators:

Denver Botanic Gardens at York Street in Denver

Denver Botanic Gardens at Chatfield in Littleton

Hudson Gardens in Littleton

The Gardens at Spring Creek in Fort Collins

Civic Green Park in Highlands Ranch

Take a nature hike

In your own yard

Local parks with flowers


This week’s events:

Jefferson County Student Pollinator Art Show in Lakewood on June 24th.

Festival at Falkor Ranch on June 30th from 10:30-3:30pm.


Take action:  Diverse plantings supports divers life.  Moths fly most often at night, or late in the day, so their preferred flowers often have a stronger scent at night, and may even open their blooms at night.  Flies and beetles like the pungent, stinky scents, so their preferred flowers are often very stinky.  The action to take is to plant a wide variety of native blooms to help a wide variety of pollinators.


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