Events for June 10-16th

Scavenger Hunt Assignment:

How many different butterflies can you spot?  Take some pictures, tag them with #pollinateCO, and post them to our Facebook page at Colorado Pollinator Month.

This week’s prize is a gift basket of soaps, lotions, and candles all made from honey bees.


This Week’s Reading: Butterflies of Colorado


Places to find butterflies:

Butterfly Pavilion in Westminster

Denver Botanic Gardens at York Street in Denver

Denver Botanic Gardens at Chatfield in Littleton

Hudson Gardens in Littleton

Gardens on Spring Creek in Fort Collins

Discover Museum Habitat Hero Garden in Fort Collins

Civic Green Park in Highlands Ranch

Take a nature hike

Visit your local flower gardens

Walk your yard and neighborhood


Take Action: Butterflies need plants for both nesting and food.  If you would like to be a better supporter of butterflies, refer to the above link to learn what butterflies of Colorado need.


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